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  1. In Report Options, choose the reporting period: 

    1. Secondary schools: from the drop-down menu choose the appropriate quarter  

    2. Elementary schools: from the drop-down menu choose Elementary Report Card.

  2. Select the students you want to include in the report (All Students or the grade level).

  3. If the report is for only active students, leave the Active Only box checked.  The Effective Date defaults to the current date and indicates to include students who are active as of that date.

  4. Choose a Sort Option.  The default sort option is Alpha, however many prefer to run by Teacher.


      • To sort by teacher, a new sort option will appear named "Period". It will default to the “AR” (Art) period. You need to change this to "H1" in the drop-down menu so that the reports run by homeroom teacher. Failure to change this option will sort all report cards by the Art teacher name.  

      • The Effective Date must fall within in the term.  For 2018 Quarter 1 Report Cards, set the effective date to 10/23/2018.  

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  5. Click Generate Report.  The reports will open in a new window.  They can now be sent to the printer.