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Our Infinite Campus Support Team is available to assist you with any Infinite Campus issue, but in order to efficiently manage requests from our many teachers, secretaries, counselors, administrators and other staff with small support team of 5, we must have an orderly method in which we receive, respond to, and track requests for help.

Starting in April, 2019, we have begun to utilize new help desk software called Jira Service Desk (JSD).  ANY user can send us a request for help via this user-friendly interface.  When using JSD, a ticket is created that goes directly to the Infinite Campus support team, bypassing the main help desk. Using the form allows you to provide specific information (student ID, course number, etc.) which helps the analyst begin resolving issues much faster. Once submitted, you can log in at any time to see the status of any request you have entered, and you will receive updates via email. Our goal is to respond to all requests within 24 business hours.  

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titleHow to submit a ticket
  • Instructions for the new help desk can be found here.   

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(question) I've never submitted a ticket before ... where do I start?

(lightbulb) Complete step-by-step directions can be found here

(question) Can I just call x8425 (main help desk)?

(lightbulb) Yes, but this will NOT speed up response time ... in fact, it will take LONGER.  Here's why:

  1. You most often have to wait on hold. It only takes about 2-3 minutes to create your own ticket ... hold times are typically much longer than this.
  2. When someone answers, they will be entering a ticket the same as you can. Unfortunately, sometimes things can get lost in translation and information isn't always put in the system the way you meant for it to be. This takes longer to track down and resolve.
  3. During peak times, you will sometimes have to leave a voicemail. This takes even longer, as someone has to go through them all, enter them into the system. Again, things do get lost in translation here too, however an analyst doesn't have the advantage of speaking directly to the user (only listening to voicemail), so they may not get all of the necessary information. We have had many instances where the information being entered isn't what the requester had asked about.

(question) Can I just email or call someone else with my question?

(lightbulb) If you need to follow up on an existing ticket, please have that number ready when you call or email. If you do not have a ticket, you'll be asked to create one, as the tickets already in the queue are the priority and can be properly tracked, whereas emails and phone calls cannot. Remember, opening a ticket will guarantee your request doesn't get lost or forgotten. By entering it in the ticketing system, it becomes part of a workflow that has to be completed by our team.

(question) What about other issues not related to Infinite Campus?

(lightbulb) Using JSD you can submit a ticket for issues related to Certify and Conflence by following the same instructions at the link mentioned above.

(question) What self-service options do I have?

(lightbulb) The SC, (this website) is our Knowledge Base, that is available to everyone and does not require a username or password to log in.  For more general Infinite Campus questions, you can look on the Campus Community, an online resource maintained by Infinite Campus. Here you can find documentation, videos, hands-on labs, and a user forum.


(question) I've never logged on to the Campus Community before, how do I get in?

(lightbulb) After clicking the link inside Infinite Campus (see above), you may be prompted to create an account. Follow the steps below. Once your account is created, you will no longer need to authenticate, as logging in to Infinite Campus does this for you.